Thursday, November 18, 2010

Walking Is Good For Weight Loss.

Walking is too much beneficial for the better Weight loss which is one of the best and proper ways of the methods to slim down. It can be also offers a cardio burning workout and the proper opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. If you commit to a better for a regular walking program you'll lose weight and feel and look great. The facts are should be that everyone can be needs to exercise. Our bodies are designed to be physically active. When exercise is not part of our daily regimen you become susceptible to coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, weakness, diabetes, obesity and depression. Walking is not only good for weight loss, but it can help to prevent numerous diseases.
I want to say that Walk not less than 2 hours a week. It would be better if you can walk for 30 minutes for five to six days a week. ‘World Health Organization’ has recommended a better brisk walking for all. 150 to 160 minutes a week and you get to reduce 7%of your body weight.

The Benefits of Walking:

1 - If you can walk one hour of a brisk walking at 5 miles per hour, or 12 minutes per mile, burns 530 calories versus 480 from jogging. Surprised? In actuality walkers can be take more steps and use their arms more often, consequently exerting them more than runners. With the proper diet of the walking which can have serious impact on weight loss?

2 - Walking one mile in 16 minutes lowers your cholesterol levels and the same amount as running a mile in 7- 10 minutes.

3 - Walking is easier on your joints. A walker's foot lands with only 1.5 times the force of body weight. Running on average puts three times the force on your feet.

4 - Walking is an equal opportunity form of exercise. Walking does not require for the athletic ability or a great deal of coordination. Everyone knows how to walk. It is a no-excuse form of exercise.

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