Monday, November 1, 2010

Sex is Good for Health.

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Can you imagine or believe that - sex which can be makes us to feel a sexy good and it will also improve of the overall health of your body? Did you know that we all of us miss you too much of a private meeting? One minute, just concentrate on the sex because which is a portrayed as this is also a dangerous topic that still makes our mother's blush and could lead to all sorts of problems in your life so please think positive. This negative stereotype of a sex has made in its way into our education system of your syllabus and every facet of our life. Just one tricks for you that if your honeymoon is when you and your husband are at your physical maximum. But did you know you that how much frequent and strenuous sex which can be cause an infection and it is also called as Honeymoon Cystitis. But "Honeymoon cystitis is a one of the condition that it can be happens when you have frequent and strenuous intercourse excitement of the sex. This is due to the friction and injury caused to the urethra after having sex for the first time," says Dr Rita Dillon Pail, gynecologists. Remember, this condition is very important for your life which can be caused as a because of a urinary infection as well as. It is also as a bladder infection and an inflammation of the urethra. This is that what causes as a good painful sex. It is mainly caused by the introduction of the E-coli bacteria (in the bowel) into the urethra.
1 - Sex Relieves Stress
2 - Sex Improves Cardiovascular Health 
3 - Sex Boosts Self-Esteem 
4 - Sex Improves Intimacy 
5 - Sex Reduces Pain 
6 - Sex Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

Sex can also as a boost of the general health by a stimulating of the immune system. And if study carried out in Pennsylvania, for example, showed that sexually active university students produced more of the bacteria-fighting antigen Inga than those who didn't have any sex. Scientists have speculated that this could be because sexually active people are potentially exposed to more infections, so their immune systems are primed to deal with them.

But you don’t worry You can also try some of the following positions of intercourse during pregnancy to make it comfortable and enjoyable sex as a foreplay in your life as well –Women on Top – This position takes the pressure off of your abdomen, and also allows you to control the speed and the depth of thrusting during the main copulation time of the sex. Missionary on the Edge – For this position, if the woman who can be lays on her back at the foot of the bed with her knees bent. She should perch her feet at the edge of the mattress. The man can be able to then either stand or he kneels in front of her. Other positions that be tried include, spooning and doggy style. 

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